Someday My Prince Will Come.

I heard someone talk today about how they hear people always say they’re searching for true love. They’re searching for the truest, most real kind of love. The kind of love they’re seeking doesn’t come from a person. It doesn’t come from a relationship with another person on this earth. That kind of pure love comes only from God. Agape love- everlasting, never-ending love is a free gift from the Lord. I do believe that there is love out there for everyone here on earth when it comes to relationships. No, it’s not pure, and it will not ever be perfect like the agape love we receive from Christ, but love is real in relationships.

As I sit here thinking about my current singleness and the desire I have to be loved again by someone special, I think about ‘my prince’. Let’s just say, Hallmark and Disney movies have ruined me… I am a hopeless romantic so I am a sucker for these movies. You see the damsel in distress waiting for her man to swoop in to save her. You see the happily ever afters. You see the man go out of his way to show the girl how much he cares for her in the most extravagant ways possible. How can we watch those movies that make you feel like you’re on cloud nine and translate that into reality? It’s hard. As women, we want to be that main character girl in all those movies. We pray for a man to one day come in and sweep us off our feet.

I have a person out there for me. I talk to God all the time about him. I’ve been praying for my future husband for years. Even my parents have been praying for him. While I (try to) patiently wait for this man, God has been forming him, shaping him, and growing him into the man that God wants him to be before he comes into my life in the role of being my partner. That’s what makes the waiting easier is knowing that God is working on him, so by the time he comes across my path, it will be in God’s timing.

Now, we all have those preferences of what we want to see in our prince, but sometimes our checklist isn’t on the right track. No doubt that I want him to be devoted to Jesus, but then there’s-

  1. I hope he can handle all my dorkiness
  2. I want him to be tall and handsome
  3. I hope he has a good relationship with his family
  4. I hope he can dance… well….
  5. I hope he doesn’t smoke or dip
  6. I want him to root for the Cowboys and Tech
  7. I want him to treat me as a priority in his life
  8. I would like him to make me laugh
  9. I hope he likes to travel and go explore new places
  10. I hope he’s a movie buff
  11. He better be country… just saying…

Then there’s what God wants me to have beyond my checklist:

  1. A man that is running after Jesus just as fast as I am, if not then faster.
  2. A man that will always point us back to Christ. That will lead us for the glory of Christ.
  3. A man that He has made that matches me, will build me up, and will love me till the day we day.

My future husband might not have all those things on my checklist, but dang, it would be nice… I have to remind myself that God is doing a way better job than what I’m doing. His will is better than my checklist.

Of course, I want my prince, but I don’t have to have a man in my life. I have finally learned the lesson that I am perfectly content in my singleness. I can live life independently. That’s what I believe, but let’s be honest, all of us singles have those days that we look at God and wonder where’s my person? Why isn’t he here yet? Then God turns around every time and reminds us that He’s got this. I mean, I could have already met the man I’m going to marry, maybe I haven’t? Maybe it will be another 5 years? Either way, even on the days I question His plans and timing I will follow God. He always has something better for me. He always provides. He is always loving. My prince will come one day, it won’t be on my timing, and it might not be the way I thought it would pan out, but it will happen. One day I’ll have my happy Hallmark movie ending. One day I’ll have my happily ever after. Someday my prince will come.

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