I Love You Like Biscuits and Gravy.

Yep. That’s my pup right there. He’s one of the main focuses of this blog. How can you have a blog and not talk about the cutest puppy on planet earth?

So for everyone who doesn’t know, this is Biscuit. His full name is Biscuit Dough because you can’t get more Southern than the name Biscuit. His middle name is Dough because he looks like the ice cream, chocolate chip cookie dough. He is an Auggie, Australian Sheppard Corgi, and he literally cannot be any cuter… Let’s be honest… This big boy is now a whopping total of 10lbs and his adorableness stops everyone when we go for walks.

Things to know about Biscuit:

  1. This kid loves to yap at me when I’m brushing my teeth or in the shower.
  2. He hates being alone.
  3. He loves ice.
  4. His favorite toy is a plastic water bottle.
  5. He loves giving kisses to everyone he meets.
  6. He knows a tricks like, wreck ’em, and shake.
  7. Most of the time his ears stick straight up, but sometimes the tips fall over.
  8. He gets very confused when I yell at the tv when I’m watching football.
  9. Hallmark calms him down.
  10. He’s got the butt, legs, height, and ears of a corgi while he has the face of a corgi.

I always knew I would own a puppy one day, but I never understood the challenges behind it. GOOD LORD, it’s like having a furry toddler!! He makes messes in the house. He yelps all the time. He’s always thirsty or hungry and is always craving attention. On the other hand, he’s taught me a lot of lessons like being more patient, learning what battles to fight, and what to let go. Suprising enough? My dog actually taught me lessons?

No matter how much I complain about him, or get annoyed at him, he’s always my buddy. He’s been there for me when I come home to an empty house feeling alone. He’s been my distraction when I was feeling down in my singleness. He was the thing I hugged on when I just needed to cry. He always makes me laugh with his bubbly personality. When I look at him, I know that we’ll be partners in crime for many years to come. I love my Biscuit πŸ™‚


P.S. Here’s one more pic because he looks freaking cute in his Dallas Cowboy jersey. I will eventually get him a Texas Tech jersey.


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