Peace Out 2018…

All I can say about 2018 is whoa.

It was the most intense year I’ve ever had. I went on the most insane kinds of roller coasters in emotions, faith, and just about everything else. So let’s take a look at it…


  • I started off the very first week of the new year of 2018 with getting diagnosed with PCOS. This disease pretty much is going to medically decide if I would have children or not. It was a devastating blow to take and a crazy way to start out the year.
  • The following week I had a week-long virus.
  • The week after that I had a double kidney infection for 2 weeks that kept me pretty much home bound.
  • This all happened while I was in only the 2nd month of my new job on campus.


  • I got “proposed” to.
  • I got shunned by many dear friends because of gossip.
  • Then I got “unproposed” to and broken up with. At that time I thought that was the end to my world. I was forcing myself to be in this mold that was for this person and the people surrounding me. I thought this plan was my only future. I was staring through a narrow tunnel. It ultimately was never meant to be. I dodged MAJOR bullets with this though. So, I woke up one day to find out my life officially got flipped upside down and I had to figure out how to make my own life.
  • I learned about my own self-worth and my own identity.
  • I learned about the preciousness of the Spirit and praying without ceasing.


  • I went to Disney World with my grandma and sister because my grandma wanted to fill my head with beautiful memories, and not live in the sadness I was living in. It was such a wonderful trip and many memories I won’t ever forget because of her and my sister.
  • I learned what friends I did and didn’t have.
  • I learned that I needed to find a church that was going to be a hospital for the sick and sinners.
  • I learned I have to do this life thing on my own, but with the love and support of my family.
  • I finally saw that when you are placed in a state of utter loneliness you have to lift your eyes to Heaven to call out to your Father and that Jesus is ACTUALLY the only thing I need in this life. But since God is a generous God, He has blessed us with families, friends, churches, homes, community, journies, hardships, memories, and love.
  • I learned that a church family can pick you up when you’re down and that community is extremely important.


  • This was about the time I realized all my “lasts” are coming to a close because of graduation.
  • I needed to find a job to support myself…
  • I knew I needed God to guide me to what city to go to and what kind of job He wanted me to have.
  • I grew closer to my sister.
  • I realized that my connection with my family is one of the biggest blessings I’ve ever received.


  • I got a job.
  • I walked on Tech campus one last time.
  • I graduated from the best university in the whole world.
  • Found a new house in a different, new city.
  • Said goodbye to close friends that I found through work and bible study.


  • Spent half the month in Houston, TX for training with work and the other half in Lubbock while trying to move to Amarillo all at the same time.
  • Started going out on dates again after the crazy mess in January.
  • Started truly adulting for the first time by paying all my bills by myself, flying by myself, and starting a career.
  • Met my puppy, Biscuit.


  • Finished 7 week long back and forth training.
  • Went on a trip to Red River with my family.
  • Moved into my new house.
  • Officially started living on my own, in a city I knew nothing of.
  • Moved my puppy into the house, and learned how to be a puppy mom.
  • Learned that holding back harsh feelings is not healthy or what Jesus would want us to do. So, forgiveness is actually a thing we have to do…
  • Had my first holiday in Amarillo.
  • Had my first road trip/friend trip to Dallas.


  • Learned that dating online is not that easy.
  • Work can be hard, tiring, testing, yet rewarding.
  • Learned that you can’t trust every guy that comes along.
  • Learned that getting ghosted is not fun.
  • Learned how much friends matter and letting those relationships flourish is beautiful.
  • Learned that walking dogs through rain, Tech rings, and Mexican food can make you find the closest friend you’ve ever had.


  • I got to baptize my best friend. I now have this memory engraved in my mind forever because it was such a blessing. I got to see my friend start her new life.
  • I said goodbye to my forever love of a car, Sophie.
  • I bought a car.
  • I focused more on my independence. I started a blog, used power tools, went to the movies by myself, and started being more adventurous.
  • Went to like 4 rodeos, and every second was awesome.


  • Forgot how much I loved going out dancing.
  • Dressing up as Sandy from Grease for Halloween is really fun.
  • Showing the rodeo life to a first timer is hilarious.
  • Going on random adventures and being more go with the flow can be fun.
  • I love dressing my dog up in outfits.
  • Meeting a man that loves Jesus in Sunday School can actually happen.


  • Turning 22 is pretty awesome. I love being this age.
  • I got the gift of recording a song with my grandma.
  • Finally got a really good dance partner.
  • Had my first ever Friendsgiving.
  • Went to Carol of the Lights with some amazing friends and had the best time.


  • Christmas feels different when you’re an adult.
  • Learned that dating can be natural, fun, and healthy all at the same time.
  • Making memories with someone is wonderful.
  • Learned that at any moment an accident can make you open your eyes to the blessings God has given you.
  • Got to go to Disney World with just my parents and it was stinking amazing (as usual).
  • Starting new Christmas traditions feels weird, but it can be fun, and it feels right when you’re with the right people.

So ya, 2018 was one heck of a year. This wasn’t a time for me to complain. This was a time for me to use blogging as an outlet, and to show what the real world is like for a Christian, non-married girl in her 20’s. This was also to show what God did in my life in 2018. He through me some loops to grow me. It was for me to look up at Him, appreciate Him, and grow closer to Him. I wouldn’t want to change the journey whatsoever because He led me to where I am now, which is exactly where I want to be. I am thankful to Christ for leading me, pushing me, and guiding me throughout all of this past year. Now, if He can do all this craziness last year, there’s no telling what He’s going to do this year! Let’s do this…


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